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Eco Bead Insulation

Eco Bead Cavity wall insulation is a cost-effective way of reducing the amount of heat lost through the walls of your home. In the majority of homes, the ‘outer wall’ actually consists of two separate walls with an air-filled space of around 5cm between them. Although the air helps keep houses warm this can be improved by up to 35% by replacing it with Eco Bead a specially developed insulating material that can help reduce heating cots dramatically.

Northwest Insulations use Eco Bead a high performance, injected, blown bead EPS insulation system that can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial cavity wall constructions as a full fill insulation solution.
Eco Bead cavity wall insulation, offers a 15 to 20% improvement in thermal performance over most other current injected systems.

The Eco Bead Insulation system is a combination of high performance insulated beads locked into tightly packed honeycomb matrix with a water based adhesive.

Eco Bead is Incredibly fast to install and with no waste, it is just as suitable for new build as it is for improving the thermal performance of existing buildings.