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Solid Walls

If your property has solid walls (where there is no cavity) they are more difficult to insulate although there is a solution either by internal dry lining or by applying external wall insulation.

Solid Wall Insulation External Solid Wall Insulation / Exterior Renders

External solid wall insulation is a technology developed to improve the thermal performance of buildings by the application of an insulating layer and a decorative weatherproof finish applied to the external wall surfaces of a building.

The application of an External solid wall insulation system has a number of positive benefits:

  • Improved insulation levels lead to a reduction in heat losses and therefore to a reduced energy demand for heating in the winter months.
  • Higher levels of insulation help to reduce building overheating in the summer months, thereby reducing the energy demand for cooling.
  • Reduced energy demands result in lower CO2 emissions.
  • Interstitial or internal condensation on walls can be eliminated, and the attendant problems of damp internal surfaces and mould growth are overcome.
  • The building fabric can be protected against the effects of the weather by the insulated cladding.
  • The building structure is protected from daily environmental temperature changes.

Fluctuations in internal temperatures are reduced, leading to more comfortable living and working conditions.

Northwest Insulations use various Solid wall render insulation systems.

All of our designs are fully developed external wall insulation systems with optimal insulation against heat loss.

It is based on expanded insulating panels that are pre-aged and flame retardant which are available in a range of thicknesses to achieve the required level of thermal performance.