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Affordable Warmth Obligation

To provide free heating and hot water saving measures, insulation, glazing, and many others (except PV) to low income and vulnerable households which are privately owned or privately rented. The eligibility criteria for this means tested (please see Affordable Warmth Obligation section on home screen).

Carbon Savings Obligation

To provide funding to insulate solid wall properties (external and internal insulation) and also "hard to treat" cavity walls where access or installation requirements may differ from a standard installation.

Carbon Savings Communities Obligation

To provide free insulation and other measures to people living in various areas of the country. This will particularly benefit the social sector, but is also applicable to privately owned properties. Through ECO the government aims to help 230,000 low income households or those in low income areas. Your financial income and employment status does not affect your eligibility for these works

Please call our free phone number to see if you qualify for any of the above.